Our Retreats

The Fiat Discernment Retreat is for women ages 18-30 who are seeking God’s will for their life. It is led by a team of lay people from Wichita, KS. Consecrated sisters from various religious communities from the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious assist at the retreat by giving talks, leading small groups, giving their testimonies, and providing a joyful witness of what it means to be a consecrated religious sister.

The Fiat Ministries discernment retreat is structured around the concepts of femininity, prayer, mercy, consecrated life, and discernment in order to encourage young women to trust the Lord and be led by Him.

This is a discernment retreat and not a vocation fair or recruitment event. Ultimately, our goal is for the retreatants to walk away with a greater understanding of religious life and a greater desire to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.