Fiat: High School

Fiat: High School is an event for freshman through senior women to encounter the beauty of religious life. There is a growing need to help and encourage young ladies discern their vocation. We can’t become what we don’t see. It is hard to discern a religious vocation without ever meeting religious sisters or witnessing the beauty and freedom of consecrated life. Fiat: High School allows young ladies to meet various religious sisters from various religious orders. The evening includes dinner, guest speakers, games, and prayer. Fiat Ministries wants to foster prayer and holiness in the hearts and lives of these young ladies. We are excited to offer this event because religious life is such a beautiful vocation in our Church. We invite and encourage all high school women to consider attending one of our Fiat: High School evenings.

If you are interested in partnering with Fiat Ministries to host a Fiat: High School event at your parish or high school please feel free to contact us at [email protected].